Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lil' Mebski Love

Little Mebski Love (my stage nickname for Mebbie for years) came up the stairs dressed for church this morning looking OVER THE TOP adorable!

I said: "Girl - you can't come up here looking all adorable and not expect a photo session to break out - go assume the position!"

So out the front door we went!

I just love when Mebbie gets to get showered with praises and adoration!

She's the quintessential middle child - quiet as a mouse - and living in the shadow of possibly the largest personality that the world has ever known (see also: Meron).

So when I get a chance to shower joy and love on her - I run with it!

I must have told her 50x today how adorable she looked - and each time that smile spread further across her face as she said: "Thank you, daddy!"

And while she absolutely adores her big sister (and her big sister would tell ya how much she adores and needs Mebbie too) - I am loving watching this gorgeous little creation of the Lord come into her own.

Watching her blossom into who He made her to be is a true blessing and privilege.

She's quirky, she's wacky, she's creative, she's athletic, she's gorgeous and most of all - she is made in His image and anybody who knows her for more than 10 seconds knows who she is living for!

Daddy loves you Mebski Love!

Stay you, girl!

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