Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rare Moment!

You know how it goes with multiple kids... ya rarely get pics with just one of them!

That's why I jumped at the chance to snap this one before oodles of of others came running into the frame...

Man - this girl here - she looks up to and loves her mommy with a passion.

And that Mommy loves her girl fiercely.

And I love 'em both!

Stay beautiful ladies!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Any place. Any time.

I was sitting at my desk in the office when i got a text from Laura (from the kitchen) that simply read:

"Look at Meron."
I leaned back in my chair and this is what I saw!

I had to inspect closer and sure enough - GIRL WAS OUT COLD!

She has always had the ability to fall asleep at any given moment in any given spot...

And she was still recovering from her first sleepover where they stayed up til 1:00 AM!

Using her best buddy as a pillow - she was catching some ZZZZZZ's wherever she could before dinner!

This girls always keeps me smiling!

Rest up Meron!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

And Then This Happened...

This girl here went to her very first sleepover this weekend!


My daddy heart shed a teeny tiny little tear because it was the same night as the Daddy-Daughter Dance. She chose the sleepover - and honestly - after seeing how excited and happy she was - I was happy for her!

It also gave me and Mebbie some one-on-one time at the dance which we rarely get.

But then tonight - I heard that Meron said:

"I wish i had gone to the dance with Daddy..."

And my daddy heart smiled a little bit... she will always be my daddy's girl!

Lord willing we'll have many more opportunities Meron!

Now you stop growing up!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Date With a Princess

In what is a very rare situation - I got to roll to a Daddy Daughter Dance tonight with JUST Mebbie!

And what an absolute joy and blast it was!

And seriously - I easily had THE COOLEST date at that place tonight!

At one popint during a break from all the dancing, Mebbie leaned over to me and said:

"Thank you, Daddy!"
I asked her what for and she said:
"For being my daddy."
It took everything I had to fight off the tears...

This little girl has NO IDEA what she has done for my heart and spirit.

The honor has been ALL mine and the thanks should flow from me to her.

I left the camera at home so I could be fully there with her - so no pictures from inside the dance - but trust me it was all smiles, dancing, being silly and loving each other!

Mebbie - I love you girl and I am looking forward to SO MANY more of these!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Making Field Day Work!

Today was supposed to be field day for Meron and Mebbie as school is wrapping up for the year...

But what do ya do when it snows and the temps drop below freezing when you're supposed to be outside doing fun stuff?

Ya bring it inside and continue the fun that's what!

You do awesome silly things like "dress up crazy" bounce relay races...

WAY too fun to watch!

Ya play "human hungry hungry hippo!"

Equally as crazy to watch as these guys were blindfolded and all over the place!

And then - ya let little brother (who was just there to watch) - jump in the bouncy house with big sister!

Thanks Mebbie for being so happy for him - you're a super big sis!

This was pretty much Meron's expression the entire time!

I think she had a good time even though they were inside!

Way to roll with the crazy weather guys and enjoy an indoor field day!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Only In Colorado

Only in Colorado can ya be about a month away from it officially being "SUMMER" and wake up to a pretty solid snowstorm!

While it is gorgeous - no doubt - we kinda would like it come back at a more appropriate time.

Stop being inappropriate, Winter!

Well - you know what they say...

"If ya can't beat 'em... catch 'em on your tongue!"

Way to get 'er done, Z-Dogg!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

See His Face

Today was one of those crazy days... I was outta the house before this little man was up and when I got home - he was already asleep!

The girls waited up for me - but little Z-Dogg was snoozing!

And sometimes ya just wanna see your little man's face!

So I searched through the camera cuz I knew His Craziness would be on there...

And he was...

Zechie - you're one crazy little maniac my man...

And Daddy loves it!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

All of Us!

i can probably count on one hand (okay - MAYBE two) the amount of pictures I am actually in on this blog!

I am usually the one taking the pic - but let's be honest - I'm also not nearly as photogenic as the rest of the crew!

But every now and then I'll throw the remote on the camera and jump into a picture with the whole crew... and sometimes I even like the outcome!

Love seeing the whole camp in one shot!

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Faster You Run, The Quicker You’re Done

Another day - another sports season wrapping up!

Tonight was the final track meet for the girls - and they showed up!

Watching this girl run is something else...

She seems to never run out of gas and ALWAYS has that smile on her face!

And under the watchful and cheering eye of her protective big sister...

She went out there and OWNED it tonight!

She was running the mile - and she ran it awesomely!

Nice, steady pace, no running early races to tire her out, stayed focused and even had a bit of a kick at the end as she went on to beat every girl AND boy in her grade!

She turned in a 7:40 for a PR... WAY TO END THE SEASON MEBBIE!

Meron got to put some action in too as she ran the 400 meter and the 200 meter as well!

So proud of how hard she works out there!

Girls - I am SOOO proud of you guys for sticking with this year after year!

You did so good out there tonight - your mommy and daddy were close to tears as we watched you guys tear it up out there!

Run girls, RUN!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Greatest Around

I'mma be honest with ya when it comes to this girl right here...


And so today - we celebrated the heck outta her... who she is in God and who she is to us!

By God's will and design - these 4 little goofballs right here made her a mommy...

And she hasn't stopped shining in that role since!

And MAN OH MAN do her little goofballs love her!

Check out their little video of them telling us why they love mommy...

It's all so true!

So today we just spent time being with mommy!

From breakfast to church to lunch out at her favorite pizza joint to hanging out outside - we just stayed together as a family and celebrated the glue that keeps us together!

And at one point - we leapt for joy at the idea of how awesome Laura is!

Laura - we love you so much and couldn't function for one minute with out you!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Another Day, Another Sport!

We had another day of closing out yet another season of sports today!

Mebski Love had TWO soccer games today to make up for some "snow outs" during the season!

This girl LOVES this sport... and she hustles her face off too!

Today she scored TWO GOALS and if she ups her aggressiveness - she would have probably had about 5 more!

Two games of playing almost the entire game... this girl won the "Active Hoffman" award for the day!

I love watching her give so much to something she clearly loves so much!

Mebbie - keep up the amazing work out there girl - Daddy is super proud!

Friday, May 12, 2017

End of a Season

Tonight was Meron's last game of her volleyball season.

Man - I gotta tell ya - she has shown SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT over last year.

She was KILLING it out there tonight.

Her overhand serves were on point, she was hustling, dove for a few, had some solid returns.

I couldn't be any more proud of this girl!

Afterwards, she came over and said:

"Mommy... daddy... can we find a league that plays year round? I just really love it!"
And I believe her - she doesn't put as much focus into hardly anything else.

So looks like we're looking for some year round volleyball!

Way to go Meron! Daddy is SUPER PROUD of how hard you worked this year!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Season of Daily Discipline

We seem to have entered into a new season around here...

A season ushered in by this guy...

A Season of Daily Discipline!

This adorable little maniac is on the loose for sure...

Boundary testing, sister pressing, parental stressing...

You name it - he's on it!

And I feel like I am spending an AWFUL LOT of time disciplining.

And that's always a constant struggle (to me at least).

I don't want to bog them down as kids and stifle their very beings - and I also don't want them to grow into bratty, entitled adults with little to offer the world!

So we pray - A LOT - and ask for that guidance on when to be hard and when to let go...

But what we do EVERY SINGLE TIME is talk with each other and pray with each other.

I am always quick to remind him WHO he is made in the image of - what he was built to be and just how loved he is...

The other night - after a particularly discipline heavy evening - he came to me on his own accord and by his own will and said:

"Daddy... I'm really sorry for acting all crazy earlier..."
I was floored!

I scooped his little booty up and we hugged for what felt like days...

It's those moments when I catch a fleeting glimpse of his heart - that I know the Lord built him for strong and big things!

I'm super thankful God gives us those little reminders through our kids.

As a dad who struggles with feeling like all I do is discipline - these moments are SO NEEDED.

This season too shall pass - and we will ALL be better for it.

Be kind to yourself Z-Dogg... daddy loves ya for exactly who ya are!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bomb Diggity

Look at this little dude!

Striking a pose - looking all kinds of daddy dope!

He's the BOMB!

But so is SHE!

The photo bomb that is...

Z-Dogg wasn't feeling it!

But he returned the favor!

I love the way these two love each other - they get along so well - even when bombing each others pictures!

Stay cool forever, you two goofballs!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Out in These Streets...

Mommy headed out for a night out with her friends.

So that meant one thing...

Me and my posse hit the streets!

Okay - so what if it was just the cul-de-sac right in front of the crib...

We were still out there representing the real in the 'hood!

Man... I absolutely LOVE this crew's willingness to be crazy, have fun and get silly!

It's all we know!

Remember guys... the streets is watching!