Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Date With a Princess

In what is a very rare situation - I got to roll to a Daddy Daughter Dance tonight with JUST Mebbie!

And what an absolute joy and blast it was!

And seriously - I easily had THE COOLEST date at that place tonight!

At one popint during a break from all the dancing, Mebbie leaned over to me and said:

"Thank you, Daddy!"
I asked her what for and she said:
"For being my daddy."
It took everything I had to fight off the tears...

This little girl has NO IDEA what she has done for my heart and spirit.

The honor has been ALL mine and the thanks should flow from me to her.

I left the camera at home so I could be fully there with her - so no pictures from inside the dance - but trust me it was all smiles, dancing, being silly and loving each other!

Mebbie - I love you girl and I am looking forward to SO MANY more of these!

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