Sunday, May 28, 2017

First Dip of the Season!

So - it may have still been a little too chilly for the pool - but the sky was blue, the sun was out... and hey - the pool is heated, right?

There was NO WAY you were keeping the goofball gang out of that thing today!


This girl was all smiles while riding a pool noodle through the shallow end!

This guy - through chattering teeth - demonstrated to me how he could dunk his whole head under this year!

And the famous last words of Laura on the way out the door were:

""We're NOT staying all day!"
That was at 1:45 PM.

At 7:00 PM - the above two came home with me... but the party wasn't over!

This girl right here was dead set on "shutting it down" and that's exactly what she did!

She headed home with mommy when they shut down the pool at 8:00 PM!

And now... they're all sleeping like rocks!

Ahhh the magical powers of an all day swim!

Pool on guys... POOL ON!

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