Friday, May 26, 2017

How Many Times Around, Daddy?

"How many times around the cul de sac makes a mile, daddy?"

That was the question Meron asked me out of curiosity - so we strapped my Garmin GPS watch on her and had her walk one complete lap.

It came in at .05 around - so 20 laps to get a mile!

Mebbie heard this - ran inside to get her "phone" and said "I'm gonna run a timed mile!"

And off she went!

She had a brother sister cheer squad going and they were keeping count of her laps for her too!

In typical Colorado fashion -it rained on her...

And the sun came out all hot too!

On the last lap - big Sis hopped in and ran with her too to keep her encouraged!

The girl LOVES running!

And her big sis loves supporting her... i see a "coach-athlete" thing developing in the future maybe!

Keep running Mebbie!

You inspire your whole family!

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