Thursday, May 11, 2017

Season of Daily Discipline

We seem to have entered into a new season around here...

A season ushered in by this guy...

A Season of Daily Discipline!

This adorable little maniac is on the loose for sure...

Boundary testing, sister pressing, parental stressing...

You name it - he's on it!

And I feel like I am spending an AWFUL LOT of time disciplining.

And that's always a constant struggle (to me at least).

I don't want to bog them down as kids and stifle their very beings - and I also don't want them to grow into bratty, entitled adults with little to offer the world!

So we pray - A LOT - and ask for that guidance on when to be hard and when to let go...

But what we do EVERY SINGLE TIME is talk with each other and pray with each other.

I am always quick to remind him WHO he is made in the image of - what he was built to be and just how loved he is...

The other night - after a particularly discipline heavy evening - he came to me on his own accord and by his own will and said:

"Daddy... I'm really sorry for acting all crazy earlier..."
I was floored!

I scooped his little booty up and we hugged for what felt like days...

It's those moments when I catch a fleeting glimpse of his heart - that I know the Lord built him for strong and big things!

I'm super thankful God gives us those little reminders through our kids.

As a dad who struggles with feeling like all I do is discipline - these moments are SO NEEDED.

This season too shall pass - and we will ALL be better for it.

Be kind to yourself Z-Dogg... daddy loves ya for exactly who ya are!

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