Friday, June 30, 2017

A Gaggle of Goofy

Man... I just love hanging with this crew!

They are always down to have a blast with the camera and just be all-around silly!

Oh and they can mean mug too!

But they're God-given smiles are the most beautiful of all!

Guys... never, ever, ever lose your goofy!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Mean... Seriously!

I mean... COME ON!

Dude out here on a rock in a state park looking all cute as can be!

Problem is - little homie KNOWS IT!

Stay cute and awesome Z-Dogg!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Big Hair... Daddy Cares!

Meron came running out of the bathroom tonight to find me, yelling:

"Daddy! Daddy! Look at my hair..."
She knows that i love her hair HOWEVER she has it but that I REALLY dig it when it is down and flowing!

After swimming for a couple hours tonight - she came home, hopped in the shower and washed and conditioned ALL BY HERSELF...

She was so proud of it - and she should be - it's hard work and it looks and feels gorgeous!

My favorite part of the hair down?

Trying to get the princess cap on!

She finally managed to get it all under there!

My word Meron... you are one gorgeous daughter of a heavenly King!

Don't you EVER forget it girl!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Quiet But Fierce

This girl right here... she's sandwiched squarely in between two VERY LOUD personalities in her older sister and younger brother.

But that doesn't mean I don't see her!

Oh I see her loud and clear!

I see her with all her passion, all her creativity, all her love, all her joy, all her empathy, all her compassion...

I see her JUST how God made her!

She may be quiet... but she's fierce.

And I believe with all I have in me that she's gonna change the world and she's gonna do it with joy in her heart and a smile on her face!

Watch out world - she's coming to change ya...

She already changed mine!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Innocent Murmur

Z-Dogg's pediatrician has been monitoring aheart murmur of his for a while now and finally decided we should have a cardiologist check him out... JUST TO BE SAFE!

We needed to make sure our little homeboy's ticker is doing good!

So they did an EKG, listened over a speaker and then did an ultrasound and guess what they found out...

Z-Dogg DOES have a working heart in there!

And it's working just fine!

Once they explained "innocent murmurs" to us and we knew all was safe... we asked them if they could test one more thing.

We explained how every now and then - little Z-Dogg just didn't get along with his sisters!

And we asked the cardiologist if he could run some tests to check Zechie's "love level" in his heart!

A few simple tests later and come to find out - Z-Dogg is running on a FULL TANK OF LOVE!

He has MORE THAN ENOUGH love in there for his sisters and everybody else he comes in contact with!

Alright Z-Dogg... NOW WE KNOW!

Looking forward to watching ya pour out your love tank from your super healthy heart, buddy!

Thankful tonight for murmurs that are innocent!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Under Surveillance

I stumbled upon these two out front yesterday...

A very serious Secret Service Agent and a smiley undercover spy...

And I realized early on... this was as REAL as it gets!

Then the agent whipped open her little folder and showed me this:

And now I'm scared.

Haven't slept in 2 days and I'm watching my back like crazy.

I couldn't make 'em break character at all.

This could be real.

I'll keep ya posted...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Once Again We're One Again

After what was a painful, long journey thanks to a migraine that had her super ill - Laura finally made it home!

Thanks to an unbelievable amount of people praying for her - she was feeling a TON better when she hit the ground in Washington DC this morning.

We have the best prayer warriors on the planet... I believe that without a doubt!

You guys dropped what you were doing and man I think Heaven shook at the force of your prayers...

And they were FELT!

I know a few little goofballs who were SO READY to lay some hugs on their mommy!

We've done this so many times now - one of us heading over to our home away from home - that I've lost track of the count.

But each time - no matter how long or short - its tough being apart cuz we were built to be together!

We're proud of you and the heart ya carry around in that chest, Laura!

Welcome home, Mommy... WELCOME HOME!

Friday, June 23, 2017

They Wish They Were a Little Bit Taller...

"... they wish they were some ballers..."

Wait - hold up - they don't wish that... because after this week - they ARE that!

Laura made the brilliant call of getting these guys into a week long, 5 hour a day basketball camp while she was in Ethiopia...

Total lifesaver!

And they were stoked and beyond ready to go learn, play and get their bball game stronger!

Towards the end of the week - they asked me if they could cut the sleeves off their shirts and draw on them...

Ummm... let me think about that for a second...


I'm so proud of these guys.

Not for their crossover dribble, their three pointers, their layups from both sides or their impenetrable defense...

More for this. When I picked them up today and signed 'em out for the final time - one of their coaches said:

"These three were three of the most well behaved kids in the entire camp!"

I tell them all the time to go out there and "be a bright light for Him" and I also stress that while I KNOW how awesome they are - it means so much more to hear a perfect stranger see and acknowledge their awesomeness!

And that's exactly what went down!

This week was a success in so many ways for these three. They worked hard, played hard and loved hard...

Proud of my little ballers right now!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

This Crew Right Here...

Rolling solo with the kids, two dogs, a full time job and just "summer life" is WICKED challenging!

Much respect and love to the single parents who do that grind 365 days a year.


But if I gotta do it - I couldn't pick a better squad to do it with than this crew right here!

Oh - we're FAR from perfect... but the love they have poured out every day this week in the form of help, listening, loving, being nice, caring, respecting and just being all around awesome is simply immeasurable.

Goofballs... I salute each one of ya for your amazing awesomeness!

I'd roll into any battle with this crew!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Girl

My shirt.

My boxers.

My slippers.

My CRAZY mini-me!

She is usually Laura's mini-me... but when Mommy is out of the country - she has to fall in line with somebody!

I love this little model of me!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Float Faces

That right there is the face of a girl who KNOWS WELL the joy a good old fashioned root beer float can bring her and her siblings!

Sometimes ya just gotta end the day with Blue Bell Ice Cream and Root Beer!

It brings out a smile every time!

Way worth the calories!

Float faces looking good guys!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Spontaneous Evening Soaking

Sometimes - ya head out for a little post-dinner walk through the neighborhood to catch a bit of this beauty...

But before ya get there - this happens in the big field across from your house!

It was a spontaneous sprinkler bash!

The shoes came off and the hollering began!

It never isn't fun to watch kids take a high pressure sprinkler to the face... AND LOVE IT!

Z-Dogg got chilly fast (it's Colorado - that sun dropping means cooler temps QUICKLY)...

But the hijinks were in high gear by this ringleader!

And the smiles at the very end said it all!

They must have said "Thank You, Daddy!" like a hundred times as we made our way home!

Their joy is infectious... they fill my heart to overflowing every single day!

Goofballs... stay spontaneous and joyful FOREVER!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

They Made Me

This little guy's 76 days made me a daddy...

This little divine prescription slid right into a place in my heart that was void, empty, broken and left aching when Brighton went home.

This amazing little God-breathed soul came in and rounded things out and we thought we might be a complete family!

God thought otherwise because He brought this little guy to us and we can't imagine life without him!

Today... they celebrated me so hard.

Breakfast in bed.

A fun hike together.

Dinner out - where Meron paid for my meal with her own money.

And lots and lots of laughs and hugs!

I do not deserve even an ounce of this love... but...

I am so grateful He chose me to be their daddy!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ambitions as a Rider!

Seems these guys are absolute naturals and just waiting to be legal age so they too can hop on the steel horse...

I mean... look at this dude representing the Ethiopian charter!

And Mebski Love... quiet as she may seem...

she's hiding a REBEL SOUL in that quiet little body of hers!

I love that my crew is always down for some fun!

Stay gangster goofballs... STAY GANGSTER!