Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Surprise Note from a Love-Filled Heart

Laura and I were pulling down the bed tonight when we came across a little surprise tucked away under our sheets for us to find...

It was this beautiful note from Mebbie - addressed to me and Laura - that read:

"you guys have been a blessing to me.

You guys work so hard, you’re generous, caring, loving and funny.

You make my heart feel warm.

Thank you for being my mommy and daddy. "
And the other page said "From Mebbie"

This girl man...

She feels so deeply, loves so greatly and is ALL IN for her family.

I had to run down and wake her up to let her know how she had just made my entire day!

Mebbie - you said some incredibly kind things sweet girl - but know this... the real blessing in this relationship is you to us.

God has worked WONDERS through you in our loves girlie girl!

Thank you for your note, Mebbie!

Never let the world steal away the joyful beauty you have!

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