Monday, June 26, 2017

Innocent Murmur

Z-Dogg's pediatrician has been monitoring aheart murmur of his for a while now and finally decided we should have a cardiologist check him out... JUST TO BE SAFE!

We needed to make sure our little homeboy's ticker is doing good!

So they did an EKG, listened over a speaker and then did an ultrasound and guess what they found out...

Z-Dogg DOES have a working heart in there!

And it's working just fine!

Once they explained "innocent murmurs" to us and we knew all was safe... we asked them if they could test one more thing.

We explained how every now and then - little Z-Dogg just didn't get along with his sisters!

And we asked the cardiologist if he could run some tests to check Zechie's "love level" in his heart!

A few simple tests later and come to find out - Z-Dogg is running on a FULL TANK OF LOVE!

He has MORE THAN ENOUGH love in there for his sisters and everybody else he comes in contact with!

Alright Z-Dogg... NOW WE KNOW!

Looking forward to watching ya pour out your love tank from your super healthy heart, buddy!

Thankful tonight for murmurs that are innocent!

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