Saturday, June 24, 2017

Once Again We're One Again

After what was a painful, long journey thanks to a migraine that had her super ill - Laura finally made it home!

Thanks to an unbelievable amount of people praying for her - she was feeling a TON better when she hit the ground in Washington DC this morning.

We have the best prayer warriors on the planet... I believe that without a doubt!

You guys dropped what you were doing and man I think Heaven shook at the force of your prayers...

And they were FELT!

I know a few little goofballs who were SO READY to lay some hugs on their mommy!

We've done this so many times now - one of us heading over to our home away from home - that I've lost track of the count.

But each time - no matter how long or short - its tough being apart cuz we were built to be together!

We're proud of you and the heart ya carry around in that chest, Laura!

Welcome home, Mommy... WELCOME HOME!

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