Monday, June 19, 2017

Spontaneous Evening Soaking

Sometimes - ya head out for a little post-dinner walk through the neighborhood to catch a bit of this beauty...

But before ya get there - this happens in the big field across from your house!

It was a spontaneous sprinkler bash!

The shoes came off and the hollering began!

It never isn't fun to watch kids take a high pressure sprinkler to the face... AND LOVE IT!

Z-Dogg got chilly fast (it's Colorado - that sun dropping means cooler temps QUICKLY)...

But the hijinks were in high gear by this ringleader!

And the smiles at the very end said it all!

They must have said "Thank You, Daddy!" like a hundred times as we made our way home!

Their joy is infectious... they fill my heart to overflowing every single day!

Goofballs... stay spontaneous and joyful FOREVER!

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