Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Meron-est Day of the Year!

This beautiful child of God woke up ALL SMILES this morning!

Truthfully - she does that most mornings - but today was special... because today was:


Meron Day is the day that Meron came into our family and we celebrate those kind of days with LOTS of love!

9 years ago.... that's right - NINE YEARS AGO - God saw it fit to place this unbelievable creation of His into our care.

I'm still in awe He would choose us - two scared, tired, wanna-be parents - that He would choose to entrust us with this most amazing gift from Him...

Well - it floors me to even think about it.

But He did it.

That picture up there is just simple proof that He went before us and prepared her heart for us - she seemed to be saying:

"Well it's about time you two! Let's get this whole parenting thing going!"

And boy has she changed us for the better and shaped how we see the world and how we see Him and how we want to live.

She was a prescription for two weary and broken hearts at the time...

And she continues to be a cornerstone of this family - one that we all look to.

She keeps us smiling, she keeps us loving and she keeps us BUSY!

If you were around us 10 years ago when this all started - you are a HUGE part of Meron Day!

You prayed for us - prayed for her - and your prayers were heard!

On this day we don't just celebrate Meron and her life - we celebrate YOU GUYS who walked with us!

We always take the time each year to watch her homecoming video... and tonight was no different.

All of us piled on our bed before prayer time and we loaded it up and watched...

And the tears flowed.

I have no idea why God would choose a weak, fallen guy like me to be her daddy - but He did.

I don't deserve it - but I really do thank Him every single day for this undeserved and unbelievable gift He gave us.

And this is one time when I know I can speak for her mommy...

I know her oldest girl literally owns her heart and keeps her smiling, grounded, laughing and looking to Him.

And Meron... ever since you hung on my chest like this right here - you have held a piece of my heart captive.

You will likely never have any idea just how big of a deal your life has been in my life...

Girl... I pray that one day in your life God allows you to feel the joy, the love, the redemption, the grace, the mercy, the HIM that you have brought into my life on a daily basis.

Meron... your old daddy is a trainwreck and I may not know much girl... but I do know how to love you - and that love grows every single day.

You're a daughter of a Heavenly King on loan to me on this earth and I love you more than you can imagine.

Happy Meron Day, Meron!

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