Friday, June 23, 2017

They Wish They Were a Little Bit Taller...

"... they wish they were some ballers..."

Wait - hold up - they don't wish that... because after this week - they ARE that!

Laura made the brilliant call of getting these guys into a week long, 5 hour a day basketball camp while she was in Ethiopia...

Total lifesaver!

And they were stoked and beyond ready to go learn, play and get their bball game stronger!

Towards the end of the week - they asked me if they could cut the sleeves off their shirts and draw on them...

Ummm... let me think about that for a second...


I'm so proud of these guys.

Not for their crossover dribble, their three pointers, their layups from both sides or their impenetrable defense...

More for this. When I picked them up today and signed 'em out for the final time - one of their coaches said:

"These three were three of the most well behaved kids in the entire camp!"

I tell them all the time to go out there and "be a bright light for Him" and I also stress that while I KNOW how awesome they are - it means so much more to hear a perfect stranger see and acknowledge their awesomeness!

And that's exactly what went down!

This week was a success in so many ways for these three. They worked hard, played hard and loved hard...

Proud of my little ballers right now!

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