Thursday, July 6, 2017

719 Rocks

Mebbie has a wicked set of hawk eyes.

Seriously - the girl can't go anywhere without spotting coins... to the point that we just started a jar just to see how much money Mebbie finds!

Today - she found this little gem!

There's a group here in town called 719 Rocks - 719 because that's the area code in Colorado Springs and rocks - well - because that's a rock!

These guys encourage people to paint rocks with positive messages and hide 'em around town for others to find!


Tonight on the way out of the YMCA after our family workout - ole hawk eyes found herself a 719 Rocks rock with this dope little nighttime city scape on it!

Now it's her turn to hide it... where's it gonna be? With Mebbie... there's no telling!

Good looking out, hawk eyes!

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