Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Meron was on her laptop this morning Googling things we could go do - and she said, "Hey - let's go to the Cave of the Winds Park!"

A few online ticket purchases later and we were there!

This place has some AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS sites... and those mountains are pretty beautiful too!

Z-Dogg showed off his skills in the net climbing area right away!

And this girl here... she was:


She owned the rope courses like it wasn't even a thing!

And then Mebski Love - may have found her new hobby!

She climbed this rock wall to the top about 20 times - and did it fast and smooth!

Finally - there was the Bat-A-Pult.

That's right... the Bat-A-Pult.

Ya know - just a little 2-seater that slings ya out the gate off the face of a cliff for a little over-top-view of a DEEP canyon!

These girls were loving it!

I mean... apparently we're raising a few adventure seekers!

We all got to ride it a couple times and even Z-Dogg was digging it!

Money well spent today and time spent with my absolute favorite people imaginable!

On the way home we caught fireworks displays going off ALL AROUND US as this city tends to really celebrate this day!

Great end to a great day!

Happy Fourth of July, America!

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