Sunday, July 16, 2017

National Ice Cream Day

Ya know what today was?

Day 16 of Whole30 for me... that's what.

It just so happened to also be - NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY!

Those who know me well know that ice cream is my Kryptonite... my weakness.

And it didn't help that one of our local grocery stores dropped prices on ice cream and ice cream sandwiches down to next to nothing...

So after church... we HAD to go score some!

Like I told these cheering little ice cream lovers... I am STRONGER than food.

I really am... (I'll keep on saying it...)

But guess what August 1st is?

It's the first day I am off of Whole30 and it also happens to be NATIONAL BLUE BELL ICE CREAM DAY (declared right now by me).

It will be ON AND POPPING!

Happy Ice Cream-ing, guys!

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