Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Never Too Early

Around these parts - we're firm believers in the idea that it is NEVER TOO EARLY to have the goofballs start to understand good doctrine and good theology.

I mean... we're super honest and open with these guys... they know the struggle we've had the last year or so with church and leadership.

They've prayed specifically with us as a family - for discernment, for wisdom, for His will... (and can I just add what a humbling privilege it is to hear them seeking their father on those kinds of things? WOW!)

Nope... it is never too early.

I mean if we're being confronted with authoritarian leadership, bad theology, false teaching and lukewarm representation of the Word at our age... what more will they have to face down in their lives as they grow up chasing Him?

So - we talk about it around here... a lot.

And as we all sharpen our discernment as a family...

They treat us daily with their incredible smiles!

This crew knows that when it comes to His Word and the stuff we let in our heads and hearts... truth is all we're after!

Get behind us satan!

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