Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ole Toothless Z-Dogg

I got a phone call from Zechie this morning while I was on my way to work:

"I lost my tooth daddy! It was just dangling so I had mommy just pull it right out!"
And sure enough - she did it!

He had been wiggling it and messing with it for weeks now and this morning...

He was one stoked little man!

His major concern was this:
"How will I eat? What if food comes right out that little hole?"
We assured him he would be just fine... it may have just been a well-timed ploy to get outta eating...

Tonight - the tooth goes in the tooth bowl and we see what kind of goods the Tooth Fairy brings by for him!

He was pretty pumped about that part of it all!

Keep smiling, toothless... KEEP SMILING!

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