Monday, August 14, 2017

6 Years of Mebbie!

August 14th... you know what today is...


On this day - 6 years ago - little Mebski Love came up the escalator at the Atlanta airport and our family grew by one and we were all together!

We love celebrating the heck outta this day!

We usually kick it off by all watching this video:

And the sawdust in the air gets me every single time!

Then - the person we're celebrating gets to choose where we go for dinner!

Mebbie chose MOD Pizza and as we sat around eating we went around the table and we all looked Mebbie right in the eyes and told her all the things we loved about her and all the ways she has made our family awesome!

When we got home - it was time for some quick ice cream before bedtime because... well... MEBBIE DAY!

Mebbie - you are one special little girl!

One day - I hope you look back and see how hard we fought for you - how far your mommy went to go get you and stay with you when the government wasn't moving fast enough for her.

We needed you here, girl!

You are a joy, a peaceful presence, a smile that never ends and you were absolutely built to be where you are today.

Your family loves you more than you know girl... don't you ever forget it!

Happy Mebbie Day!

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