Thursday, August 31, 2017

Because Jeffrey Can

Okay guys... we are sitting here so humbled tonight.

Just crazy humbled.

We'll tell ya why in a minute - but first - let me tell you about our superhero friends.

That's Jess, Jeffrey and Jordan up there.

They are MACHINES.

A sudden cardiac arrest at 22 months left Jeffrey wheelchair bound and nonverbal.


You won't be sorry!

Because see - Jeffrey may be nonverbal - but his smile says way more than any amount of words ever could!

And he may be wheelchair bound but this little IRON MAN has covered more ground than most anybody I know!

Be it by boat...

Or by bike... this little dude gets around!

I mean... for the love of Pete... the dude is a Ragnar finisher!!

What, what, WHAT??

Jeffrey and his family have been fierce supporters of Brighton Their World for as long as we can remember.

They clearly have so much going on that they could be pouring into of their own - and yet they continue to stand by us through every challenge BTW has ever had - with prayer, financial support and love.

And then today... well - here they go again!

Their family was chosen to be the spotlght of a month-long campaign called "Because I Can!"

This organization partners with people who have an attitude in life of "Because I Can" no matter what challenges they face. And they chose Jeffrey - a mighty fine and appropriate choice if you ask me!

But it doesn't stop there!

This organization then sells a piece of clothing in honor of Jeffrey. In this case - a red hoodie as a nod to his Iron Man hero with the "Because I Can" logo on it.

And here's where the tears of humility start falling for us and we can't make 'em stop...

The proceeds from the sales of the hoodie are going to go to.... Brighton Their World.

They could have chosen any charity they wanted... and they chose BTW.

As I type this - my eyes are watering and I am blaming my allergies - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So here's the deal - do you really need to be convinced to go buy a new Red Hooded Sweatshirt?


Click HERE to buy one!

Let's buy 'em out! I know we'll be rocking 'em!

Guys... you are truly a beautiful picture of God's handiwork!

The way you live your lives - man it honors and glorifies HIM so well!

"Thank you" doesn't seem like enough - but know we are grateful to the core for who you are and how you love us.

And Jeffrey - you don't have to convince us buddy...

We KNOW you can!

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