Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Boldy and Courageously Truthful

Man - those are three things it's kinda hard to be sometimes, aren't they?

Know where they can be especially difficult to pull off?

In the church.

We recently had a church experience that ranks up their with some of the messiest, ugliest, meanest experiences we have ever walked through (that's a whole other post at some point)...

We finally extracted our family outta there and are now looking in the rear view mirror at it and slowly recovering - but one thing that hit me hard during it was this,,,

People are afraid to confront the church when something is off.

Whether it's bad teaching, weak leadership, poor theology or all of the above - people are more prone to remain silent even while acknowledging it or to leave the church without ever saying anything than they are to speak up and hope and pray for change.

Call me naive.

Call me ignorant to church structure, governance or political structure... but I find this insane.

"Come on Tymm..." ya might say.

"Why can't you just leave well enough alone and go somewhere else if you don't like it?"

Here's three reasons why I simply can't just "shut up and color"... or walk away apathetically.

Am I supposed to teach this little dude here to cower in the face of untruths?

To fearfully waver when he knows the Spirit is talking to him?


My job is to model a biblical strength and confidence to demonstrate that when the Holy Spirit moves in us we should be bold and proud to hear Him and move with Him.

And what about this girl here?

Should I show off fear to her?

Give her a pattern of behavior that pushes her to silence when she recognizes wrongs?


God gave her a heart for justice and the bravery she will need in her life to stand for what is right and fight injustices has to be modeled and shaped and encouraged by the demonstration of courage - even when it goes against what everybody else is doing....

And finally - what about this truth teller here?

Should I be a living example of how to quiet oneself in the face of untruths? How to pander to people and fall in line like somebody that wasn't given a mind and heart and discernment to know Him well?

Should I model a behavior for her that says "We stay quiet when we see a wrong or we just run from it - never confront it."


Guys... as long as daddy has breath in my lungs it's my goal to help you understand who you are in HIM and to give you the courage and strength to be bold in recognizing and standing for truth.

Guess what... it's not always the easy route.

You'll be judged.

You'll be hated.

You'll be outcast and treated weird for it.

But ya know what? So was Jesus. You guys keep doing this anyways and remember you're always in good company... and mommy and daddy ALWAYS have your back!

Now go out there and be bold, courageous truth tellers for Him!

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