Wednesday, August 9, 2017

He Did It!

I am super proud of this little man today.

He finished his first (short) week of school!

It didn't come super easy though.

His little heart was missing his mommy time - so much so that last night he was crying over some "phantom leg pain" while asking Laura this:

"If my leg hurts do I have to go to school?"
Come to find out he was making up a big story to try and get out of school already.

And while we have a pretty harsh zero-tolerance policy on lying 'round here... I unleashed some grace on this one cuz I could tell just how much he was dealing with.

We had a great chat tonight about who God built him to be - that we believed He had GREAT plans for the Z-Dogg... and to accomplish those plans - going to school was super important!

Grace abounded... we group hugged it out and then played golf in the basement!

How all first weeks of school should end!

Daddy is super proud of you, Zechie!

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