Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rub Some Dirt On It

"Hey - can you get home in time to get Mebbie and Zechie - I am taking Meron to the emergency room..."

That's what the chat window said as Laura explained the pediatrician couldn't see her today and with her right side hurting for 48 hours - they wanted to make sure the 'ole appendix wasn't about to give out on her...

So off they went.

I am such a "rub some dirt on it and walk it off..." kind of guy - but I am glad they went. Peace of mind was good for us and for Meron...

Poor Mebbie was almost in tears when I picked her up from track practice... she was worried about her sister.

We all were.

I'm super dooper glad this gorgeous girl of mine is in bed right now sleeping off her strained muscle that she probably picked up on the first day of practice.

I'm thankful for medical technology that peeked in there and said "Nope - appendix is fine!"

A few pain meds and some rest - and she's gonna be just fine!

Ya lived to run another day, girl!

Thankful for muscle strains!

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