Friday, August 25, 2017

Three Thousand and Five Hundred

Today marks the 3,500th blog post I've slapped up here on the ole blog...

What, what, what?

Honestly - I don't even know if anybody even checks this out anymore...

But ya know what? I recently heard Seth Godin speak and he said "I write my blog for myself!"

And that resonated so loudly with me because... this here thing started for me and continues to be my favorite place to record the madness of our crew!

And 1,049,206 page views later - this is still really for me!

Shoot - I myself might be 1,049,203 of those page views!

I absolutely LOVE trying to chase down the crazy that Camp Hoffman brings me!

I mean... come on! She is pretending to poop out my cardboard heart, people!

Where else would ya get that?

Where else would I record this girl growing up into an amazing young lady?

Or capture this one jumping for joy?

Or record this little leaper as he's growing up at the speed of light?

Look - not a single soul could come check this site out and ya know what?

I'd keep writing!

Maybe one day I'll throw in the towel - but for now - we write on!

Here's to 3,500 more!

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