Sunday, August 6, 2017

'Twas the Night Before a New Season...

Tomorrow starts a new season 'round this camp...

All three goofballs will be in school!

What, what, what!?!?!

So tonight - before they hit the sack early for some good sleep - we prayed some seriously strong prayers over these beautiful little heads!

Prayers for courage, strength, confidence, wisdom, discernment, bravery, boldness...

Prayers that they would go out and be BRIGHT LIGHTS FOR JESUS (our every school day chant)...

We basically handed them over to God and said:

"Use them Lord... use them for Your honor and glory."

Thing is... He already has... and we can't wait to see how He continues that in their lives.

Then Mommy got their uniforms all set out and squared away and she couldn't stop the tears!

We've been so thankful that we have been able to make it work for her to stay home with these guys for the last 5 or so years...

And now - her little sidekick is all grown up and off to kindergarten!

I didn't really expect it - but I got all choked up while I was praying too.

I don't know why I didn't see it coming - every time these guys hit a lifetime milestone... it nails me.

All three of them have overcome so much in their short lives - and they do it with smiles and love.

Each milestone drives home to me how much our God loves redemption and how He is in the business of redeeming us all!

Finally - we also prayed for them to "stay goofy and crazy!"

To never take themselves too seriously - to love fiercely and stay true to who they are...

And to remember our other daily chant before school:

I yell, "What's the time?"

And they all answer back in unison: "It's time to get ill!"

To everything... turn, turn, turn...

There is a season.... turn, turn, turn...

Go get 'em guys!

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