Sunday, August 13, 2017

Will They Come Here, Daddy?

When I got home from running tonight - Z-Dogg was already snoozing - but these two were outside in their pajamas waiting for me.

I hugged 'em a little (actually a LOT) extra harder tonight. It's been a freaking crazy kind of weekend - with some harsh truths to process and some tough conversations.

Truthfully... pretty emotional for me as a daddy.

Earlier today - they caught like a millisecond of the news on our way out of the house and the inevitable question came:

"What's really going on in Charlottesville, daddy?
We're an honest crew around here - and so I spent a bit of time explaining what was going on - that some people can be super mean and don't like people who don't look like them and they were protesting and things got out of hand.

Meron knew somebody had been killed - and I told them a a bit about that young girl and what she was doing.

And then Mebbie asked it:
"Will they come here, daddy? The mean people?"
It caught me off guard... and coupled with the look on her face - a look of fear mixed with sadness - it just nailed me.


This sweet, innocent 8-year old shouldn't have to know this stuff.

I pulled it together and hugged that girl for what seemed like forever.... she needs to know she's safe.

But she's also knowledgeable now... we don't stay naive around here.

I told her that I HOPED we wouldn't see anything like that here but that if we did - mommy and I have their back so hard - that we are always here and as long as daddy has breath in his lungs - protecting my goofball crew is a top priority!

She's also got this CRAZY PROTECTIVE big sister.

Meron is kinda like me - maybe to a fault - ready to spring into action and pounce on anybody trying to come at her people wrong!

And I think Mebbie finds some peace in that for sure!

We prayed big prayers tonight before bedtime.

Prayers for peace, justice, love... and an end to all the hate.

And the strength to be a family that will ALWAYS stand up for what is right - no matter what the circumstances are.

We headed off to sleep with the hope that Jesus brings us and the peaceful understanding that...

God is still on His throne!

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