Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

We've always wanted to be the camping type of crew...

So on "Prime Day" this year - Mommy scored a wicked awesome deal on this tent that is apparently half the size of our house!

And well... ya gotta start somewhere - so we popped it up in the basement tonight to see what we were dealing with!

After about 45 minutes of wrestling with it - we found out that...


And I know a few goofballs who were SUPER STOKED about giving this thing a whirl in the outdoors!

So the plan is to swallow our mountain lion and bear fears and give this camping thing a try here soon!

In the meantime - these two are giving it a test run tonight indoors - free of potential furry attackers!

Sleep tight campers...

Soon... we venture outside!

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