Thursday, September 21, 2017

"My Trip to Africa" by Mebbie

Tonight was the third grade spotlight at school and Mebbie was pretty pumped about it!

She had to make some tough choices to cut soccer practice short and miss the beginning of the school event - but we eventually made it there!

She was so excited to read me her narrative and show me the picture she drew to accompany it!

Her drawing went great with her story...

"My Trip to Africa" - by Mebbie

First, it took a long time to get to Africa. We had to take TWO planes! Next, when we got off the plane we went to a hotel place. Their food was so good, especially the eggs! They were nice and soft.

Then we went to an orphanage. It was fun because I met a really cute baby! She made my eyes light up!

After, I went to a school. It was so cool to see everybody learning. I loved to see them so happy because it made me smile.

Finally, now we have a school in Africa and it is called "Brighton Academy of Excellence!"
I absolutely love that Brighton Academy is in her thoughts and high enough on her list to make it to her first narrative story!

This girl is so creative, so thoughtful, so caring...

And I was blessed to spend the night with her at school seeing what she's up to.

It was like catching a glimpse of a future world changer at work!

Protect your heart Mebbie and stay AWESOME!

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