Monday, September 4, 2017

No Rocks Needed

These three goofballs right here get SO MUCH of my prayer time dedicated to them... it's not even funny.

It's an honor, a privilege and I love doing it.

And if ya follow anything around here - you know I've been painting "prayer rocks" to be visual reminders of things I need to be praying for.

Look - I don't need to be reminded to pray for three of my favorite humans on the planet - but I wanted to include 'em so I let the goofballs pick out what I should paint on their rocks!

Meron went with a Teal rock with a puppy dog on it.


Her love for that color AND for dogs makes this the perfect choice!

And anybody who has EVER been on the receiving end of artwork from Mebski Love has more than likely received her "flying heart!"

I can't see a heart with wings without thinking about my little artist - so there it went on the rock!

Z-Dogg was quick to go with SpiderMan!

And it's perfect - because this little dude is destined to a be a hero that changes the world!

And even though I don't need a reminder to pray for my tribe...

I am loving that they are now represented in the rock collection!

Daddy's covering you guys - ALL THE TIME!

Prayer ROCKS!

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