Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cold and Windy Support!

Even though she's in the third grade - Mebbie had a cool opportunity to go run as an unattached athlete in the open division of the Colorado Middle School Cross Country State Championships!

And this crazy crew got up early and made the 70 mile trek to come along and support her!

It was a CRAZY windy day - which made the 40 degrees feel even colder.

It was windy enough to almost topple some port-a-potties (EWWWWWW!)!

But Mebbie stuck it out!

And with super strong headwinds, a chilly temperature and even a turned ankle on a rock - she did GREAT! And beyond that - what an excellent opportunity to experience a big meet with tons of runners! Daddy was a bit jealous - I wanted to run in the unattached open division too!

At this camp - we do our best to all support everything everybody has going on.

With crazy scheduling - we can't always do it - but today we all happened to be able to be there (Z-Dogg is missing from the pic cuz he dove in the van to stay warm!)...

Your family loves watching ya run girl!

We got your back, Mebbie!

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