Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

Meron has been on an intense "Friday the 13th" kick since she heard somebody talking about it at school.

The funny thing is - she has NO IDEA - what it even is or what it means... in her head it's just a really scary day - or as Mebbie put it... "A day where people where scary hockey masks..."

I don't even know where they pick this stuff up!?!

Well - tonight - she was dead set on "scaring daddy."

She put in a bunch of time "zombie-fying" her face and then tried to creep up on me to give me the scare!

I actually switched it on her and gave her a good scare - but what scared me even more was finding out she used markers and pens to do her make up!

What, what, what?!?!

We got it all off before she crashed in bed... and she got a serious laugh out of it all!

Never a dull moment, folks.

You're a super cute zombie, Meron!

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