Sunday, October 29, 2017

Loving It...

Man... I am loving this inaugural season of Junior Olympics Cross Country for Mebbie!

The early mornings spent with her - watching her really lean into something she finds enjoyable - and so many learning and growing experiences.

Like medals, ribbons and placing.

We talked about "participation" awards versus effort awards - like getting a ribbon because you put in hard work at practice that translated to a good showing at the meet.

Thankful for an opportunity to learn that lesson as it seems like every thing we do these days reduces accomplishments to just "showing up."

And that's why this 4th place medal meant something to her!

She worked hard - practiced hard - focused - and placed!

Afterwards - as she ate a hard boiled egg and settled in to sleep on the way back to Colorado Springs - she said:

"These are the things I love in life right now - eat, sleep, run... and do it again!"
Great attitude, girl!

Super proud of her and how she's handling the increased practices, the early mornings and the team work.

Way to go Mebbie!

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