Saturday, October 14, 2017

Running, Sisters and Smiles

Somebody had her very first cross country invitational this morning... and she was PUMPED!

We rolled out of bed at dark thirty - packed up and headed out about an hour to the race.

The weather cooperated and was AWESOME!

No wind, no snow, no freezing temps... just sunshine and a beautiful course to run on!

One of the things I always insist on out there is that we're smiling!

If we're not happy and enjoying it - why would we be doing it?

Mebbie flashed me her signature smile every time she passed me and I even overheard a parent point at her and say to her friend:

"Look at that girl - smiling while she's running!"
That's a win for us - she's taking that bright light of hers all over the place!

There will be plenty of time to worry about pacing, techniques, strategy and times... but for now... we smile and we run for the fun of it!

One of Mebbie's biggest cheerleaders even rolled out with us before dawn and ran all over the course like a mad woman cheering her little sister on at every spot she could!

I couldn't be any more proud of either of these two today!

Way to show the world what awesome looks like, girls!

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