Thursday, October 19, 2017

Scarred by Fear

This girl right here LOVES to sing.

I mean... she LOVES it!

And she's pretty good at it too and is about to start taking singing/voice lessons!

But outside of singing - she also works hard at writing her own songs.

It's precious to watch her work so hard on them...

Tonight she invited us downstairs for a "performance" - one of her original songs and a cover of another.

She busted out her pink guitar, tapping out a beat while strumming it - she sang us her song.

It was short - but full of emotion!

I asked her to sing it again... and she shyly did it again for me.

Looking at her propped up lyric sheet - I asked her to sing it one more time for me...

"there's something in my soul,
that can make me go Oooo wooo;


It's in my bones, it's in my eyes,
it's everything in my life;

It's called FEAR, it's called PAIN;
that's the life and that's the name;

That's the life that you have been given
and now it goes Oooo wooo;

I was just sitting there... staring at her.

She looked at me... knowingly yet shyly and said:

"Wait daddy - it's not about me..."

I looked at her and said, "It's not?"

She said, "No - it's just a song I wrote with a theme about FEAR and the SCARS it can leave in people..."



Scars in people.

I just looked at this girl and smiled.

I told her what a gift she was exercising - a gift to see and feel the emotions that other people might be experiencing.

I said, "Keep honing that... keep writing, keep singing, keep practicing the talents HE has given you!"

She just smiled.

A really big smile.

There's something satisfying, special and holy about flexing the talent muscles He has put in us.

I absolutely love seeing them be discovered and watching them come to life.

SING Meron - He made you for it!

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