Tuesday, October 17, 2017

She TRIED to Make Me Cry!

The goofballs had their "student led" parent-teacher conferences this week.

It was pretty cool - they got to be in charge and lead us through a presentation of their strengths and also their opportunities for growth.

Today was Meron's and she was killing it - taking questions, answering them, just flowing with it so well.

I was stupid proud of her!

Then - when all questions were done - she says:

"I have one more thing..."

And she pulls out this letter with a picture she had gone to our blog and gotten all by herself... it was the very first picture of her, me and Laura all together.

She went on to read the letter out loud to us. It said:

"Dear Mom and Dad ~

Thank you for everything that you do for me with school and at home - like helping me with my math that I struggled with in quarter one.

I really appreciate that so much. I love you so much Mommy and Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Meron
Bite lip... hard.

Sniffle... blame it on allergies...


You almost had me weeping right there in front of your teacher...

Girl... I am so proud of how hard you have worked this first quarter... ESPECIALLY with things like math that tried to knock ya down but you just stood up and tackled it!

Great presentation, great work and great letter Meron...

We love you girl!!

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