Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thank You, Daddy!

"Thank you, Daddy!" Meron said.

I asked her "for what?" and she said:

"For taking care of us this week and hanging out with us..."

And then she slapped a Meronator-hug on me... which kinda slams her whole body into yours and honestly - it takes a lot to stay standing!

Oh girl... if you only knew!

Absolutely no thanks is needed sweet girl - weeks like this are what memories are made of and I will forever cherish these moments.

I'm thankful for a wife and mommy willing to sacrifice to GO when He calls her.

I'm thankful for kids who fully understand it and keep her covered in prayer.

I'm thankful for an employer who puts their money where their mouth is and affords me the flexibility to manage things while I'm flying solo.

And I'm thankful to a God who calls us to scary, big, crazy, amazing, life-giving purposes.

Oh yeah - and I'm thankful for the humor, spirit and love these goofballs put on display daily!

Most excellent week ya goofballs - mommy is home soon!

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