Thursday, November 30, 2017

40 Year Old Meron

Meron had an assignment this week where she had to draw herself at 40 years old and write a little bit about what her life would look like 30 years from now.

I love reading this kind of stuff!

She said:

"What I think I will be doing at 40 is have 3 kids and 5 dogs. Also live in Colorado. I think I will be a professional singer. That's what I think that's what I will be doing at 40... with my awesome singing career."
I love her confidence and her vision!

She also told me that "the white areas in her hair represented the grey hair she would have!"

Man... God-willing I will be here to see just what she IS doing at 40.

Whatever it is - I pray it is God's will and she is happy!

You're gonna be an amazing 40 year old, Meron!

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