Saturday, November 25, 2017

All-Star Cousins

Man... I absolutely LOVE watching this crew of cousins get together!

Even when WAY TOO MUCH time has gone by - they fall right back in line with each other like it hasn't even been a day gone by!

And can I just brag on these two for a split second?

They love on our goofball gang with relentless passion and give our crew two super awesome role models to look up to!

And let's see... ya think they love 'em or what?

Yesterday - after Will had to head out - Z-Dogg was seeming down and he said:

"Daddy - my eyes are watering... it's because they miss Will..."
And it's true - we do miss these two when we're away from them!

But we are thankful for every little second we get to spend with these guys!

Thanks Ansley and Will - for being some of the best All-Star cousins around!

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