Monday, November 13, 2017

Chaser of Truth in His Word

You are looking at one special, special girl right here!

Daily I am in awe of and grateful for the joy, peace, love and Jesus she brings to the surface in our house.

Lately she has been digging HARD into her Bible and several of her daily devotionals she has...

And it is a beautiful thing to watch!

She has been watching for challenges or needs she sees around her and literally RUNNING for her Bible, leafing through it to find relevant scripture and reading it over us.

Tonight - before bedtime - Laura was anxious and nervous about her surgery in the morning.

Mebbie excused herself from the table and came back to read some scripture for Laura - words about clinging to Him when we need strength and courage.

I absolutely love it!

Girl... keep your nose in that book, Mebski Love!

It never grows old!

You honor Him so well, Mebrate Saidah!

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