Thursday, November 16, 2017

Polar Opposites

"Daddy - can I stay up to watch the rest of the Steelers game?"

She flashed her cute little eyes at me and PROMISED me morning would go smoothly...

So she was allowed to stay up for the last quarter.

"Daddy - I'd rather go read - can I go down to my bed and read?"

Uh... of course!

Three and a half minutes later - here's how football watching was progressing...

And reading was going GREAT - "I think I'm gonna finish this book tonight, Daddy!"

I love that their unique, God-given DNA is starting to shine - it's a true joy to see them burst into who they were made to be!

They couldn't be more different while being more alike.

I love it.

Stay true to you, girls! Never waiver!

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