Thursday, December 28, 2017

And the Things I Draw Come True...

The goofballs got "Pictionary" for Christmas and we've been throwing down at night!

It's so cool watching these two doing their weird little sister mind-meld and tuning into each other!

And I love seeing what they come up with for their drawings!

But let's be honest - ain't nobody letting anybody win around this camp - and mommy and I are pretty tuned into each other as well...

For example... that's not a middle finger at all!

That's Laura's rendition of the Empire State Building and I guessed it in about 20 seconds!

That's right - we took 'em out TWO GAMES to ZERO tonight!

I love that we can get crazy competitive and nobody gets mad and we just have FUN!

2018 shall have many many more game nights!

Keep drawing girls!

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