Sunday, December 24, 2017

Breathing Again

You guys... you have no idea how much weight this picture carries.

Those snapping it thought they were just capturing us on Christmas Eve - and they were - but there's so much more.

As I ran up my favorite hill today - I couldn't help but scream a few praises to God for where He has brought us over the last year. And that picture is the proof of it to me.

See - last year at this time - while we never ever felt we should be "run off" from the "church" (term used loosely) we were attending - we had reached a place of heading straight in - drop the kids, avert the eyes, avoid eye contact, find seat, PRAISE HIM, hear a weak, weak message and then do it in reverse as fast as we could.

And it was taking a toll on the family.

So last night - to WANT to get to church early as a family - all enjoy some hot chocolate, smiles, hugs, great conversation - to raise our voices and hands in real worship - hear a solid, truthful message rooted in scripture - and then to take the time to wait out the line and snap a picture...

It was a healing moment for us.

Or rather a moment indicative of healing that had been taking place over the last 6 months or so.

I am beyond thankful we never let the hubris and arrogance of humans push us from God.

Oh it hurt us. It beat us down. It wore us out and at times almost broke us.

But HE is stronger than what they were bringing.

This picture is so much more than a Christmas Eve Eve picture.

It's a kick-off to a new year - one full of hope, energy and love!

Thankful to be breathing again!

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