Sunday, December 31, 2017

Buh Bye!

I ain't gonna sugarcoat it... 2017 was... Eww!

With a healthy dash of... RUDE!

Some of the most hurtful circumstances we've ever walked through brought on by some of the most hurtful people we've ever experienced.

Just all around YUCK.

But we persevered.

We grew.

We learned.

Our familial bond grew stronger and stronger and STRONGER.

And we were drawn closer to Him and watched our faith deepen and strengthen.

Here's the deal though... when our Savior died for us - He never promised us Heaven on Earth. He never said it'd be all rainbows and unicorns.

Nope - matter of fact - He kinda warned and promised us that we'd have things like 2017 in our lives.

He urged us to count the cost cuz He said "The messy messes are coming... and they're gonna come in ways ya never expected."

And man did it ever and boy was He right.

We never saw that coming.

But the other thing He declared for us and promised us when He smacked death in the face 3 days after dying for us was this...


He gave us hope.

Hope for the future. Hope for new beginnings. Hope for rebirth. Hope for forgiveness and redemption in HIM.

Hope for 2018!

And it's with that hope in mind that we look back - with like half a smile - at 2017 and say "Buh bye!" as we look forward to 2018 with open arms, open hearts and full smiles.

And lots and lots of hope.

We're here 2018... let's do this thing!

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