Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Traditions

I love that our crew got to get out today and do a little Christmas Day tradition we've been doing since way back when it was just three of us and Meron was carry-able!

It's a simple thing really - we bake up some fresh cookies and take 'em to people who have to work on Christmas Day.

We let the goofballs pick where they wanna go and they take it from there!

Z-Dogg chose the fire station nearest us. He was stoked to give those guys some cookies!

Then it was off to the police station that Mebbie chose - and she handed her bags of cookies through the bullet proof glass in there!

Our next spot was new to us this year. Meron chose the hospital.

So off we went - parked in the ER area and headed in (no camera in tow - didn't wanna be a HIPPA violator or something...)

Walking in - Meron said "I'm nervous..."

I said "Don't be - just be you and bring some joy..."

It was precious to watch her work. The guy at the counter was clearly tired and all about business. He said "Do you guys need to check in?"

Meron looked at me then looked at him and said:

"No... my family likes to make cookies and bring them to people who have to work on Christmas Day. Thank you for working today and Merry Christmas!"
I was a proud daddy for sure... and this dude behind the counter?


I totally think he needed that at that moment... he ran and brought two others up and told them why we were there and then asked if the kids wanted stuffed animals...

Then he came around to the lobby and gave them these awesome stuffed animals and his entire demeanor had changed.

He was smiling. Honestly... he looked like he had been hit by some joy!

We all thanked him again and wished him and the staff "Merry Christmas!"

The goofballs were super stoked that the animals said "Jesus Loves Me!" and they were kinda stunned that their little goal to bring some joy ended up getting them an awesome encounter and a stuffed animal...

I told 'em God is kinda crazy and really cool the way He works sometimes.

Walking back out to the car - I could tell Meron was happy about how well it went. They all were...

Super proud of the way they stepped out and just went to be bringers of joy!

Here's to hoping everybody out there had an equally awesome day full of love, hope, peace and family traditions!


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