Saturday, December 30, 2017

Under My Wing

"Daddy - come lay on the couch with me and let's watch the Orange Bowl!"

She only had to ask me once!

It was just a matter of minutes before her play-by-play ceased, her breathing relaxed and got heavier and she was snoozing...

I could have stayed right there forever.

I am absolutely loving the few days off from work with my crew. No work. No worries.

Staying up late.


Watching every bowl game we can.

I am rarely in these pics on this blog cuz it's my own little passion project and I'm always clicking the pictures.

But I'm thankful Laura was able to get these few pics for me.

This little girl was a divine gift sent to heal a really broken pair of hearts!

She is growing up so fast...

But she'll ALWAYS be under my wing!

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