Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Watch Your Mouth... It's POWERFUL!

I will run full on in to any opportunity to share with the goofballs about just how much our words matter.

About just how big of a deal it is to be able to communicate effectively and say what we mean and mean what we say.

How the words that come out of our mouth are a reflection of our hearts.

I just think these lessons are far too hard to learn in life and can come in forms and fashions that are hard and have long-term effects - so talking about them any chance we can beats learning things the hard way!

The past couple weeks we had a couple opportunities to highlight this stuff with the goofballs.

One of them happened when a bunch of neighborhood kids were hanging in our circle - and one said she "hated" one of the other girls.

Not on our watch or in our circle!

So proud of Laura on this one. She jumped into action explaining that we don't say that kind of stuff around here and that every single kid is welcome and loved and should always feel safe and wanted when they're at our house.

The girls were in total agreement with us and I was so proud that they didn't cave to "looking cool" in front of their friends.

Another opportunity for growth came a few days later with that ugly word "hate" again.

I was disciplining Meron AND Zechie for one of their routine spats - and admittedly I was kinda hard on Meron because she's older and in this case was clearly in the wrong.

In her anger she said to Laura:

"I think Daddy hates me and would choose Zechie over me every time!"

I... was... CRUSHED.

This is my girl we're talking about. My sidekick. My road dawg!

I pulled her aside - and with tears in my eyes - shared some hard truths with her.

I told her how I still remember where I was standing the night my mom first told me she hated me.

I remember where she was standing. What she was wearing.

I remember the temperature. The time of day.

I remember her tone of voice, her face.

A quarter of a century later... I remember.

I remember ALL of it.

I told her of the power that word carries for me and then I begged her to tell me she didn't mean what she said... that she thought I hated her.

I also told her i would never "pick" any of my kids over the other - that God gave each of them equally to me and they all mean everything to me.

We cried together and she said she didn't mean it and wouldn't use that word again - that she was just mad.

Then she said:

"Daddy... I'm sorry your mommy said that to you. I know you don't hate me - I know how much you love me..."
Rest easy that we are all fine now.

Honestly - it was probably just a kid thing and it probably came from that neighborhood kid using that word earlier in the week.

But for me - that word can't be tossed around cavalierly.

It's way too powerful.

We have had some great conversations since then about our words.

About how we should think before we unleash them from our mouths or our pens.

I explained how those words that flow out are a glimpse of what's in our hearts!
"for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh..."
Poor kids... they got themselves a daddy who is fixated on words. Obsessed with them and the power they come with.

Mightier than the sword is the pen and our words... I firmly believe that.

I also explained that sometimes - we ARE called to use hard words. But we need to be praying about them and really seeking God to put HIS words in our mouths in those moments.
"But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."
Lord knows I have had enough practice with all of this during this past year!

Overall - this was a great lesson (for all of us)...

Every time we cross tough bridges and have hard conversations - I feel like we grow that much closer - and these past few days have been SUPER TIGHT with my girl Meron.

For that - I am forever grateful that God continues to give me the strength to run into these conversation with vulnerability, honesty, openness and authenticity.

Some may think a 10 year old can't even see that let alone appreciate it... I would disagree.

Goofballs - daddy loves you more than you may ever realize!

Let's always seek to honor Him with our words!

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