Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Built in His Image

This girl's heart...

Holy Moly!

If anything was ever built as a complete and entire model of God's heart... this girl is it!

Today this was shared from a teacher at Mebbie's school:

"My students are amazing. One sweet girl decided to ask the class what they like about me and wrote it all down. They said I give them compliments so they wanted to give me compliments. Bless their hearts. Love them! "
After a little digging and messaging - come to find out that sweet girl was MEBBIE!

No surprise to me - but man oh man - on a day when the Lord knew I was struggling with people and their very sinful nature - He gives me this little story to marinate on!

Check out what she did...

And after some back and forth with her teacher getting the approval to share this awesome story - her teacher shared this:
"Your kiddo blessed me immensely today as she was "sneaking" around the classroom to get everyone's words. Man. Makes me tear up. She has no idea how hard this year has been so far and she allows Jesus' love to shine through her and remind me that I am truly loved and am making an impact on all of these students."
Ya know what though? We're the blessed ones!

We have had such amazing teachers who love our kids so well! We are super thankful for them and the amount of attention and intention they put in to the role they have!

This girl man... God broke the mold on her!

And honestly - the way she loves - it feels like she MIGHT just be part Golden Retriever!

You're a world changer Mebbie - never give in to it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Ladies in My LIfe

No matter how poopy my week is...

No matter how much stress or drama tries to eat me up and get me down...

I get to come home to these three ladies who I absolutely adore!

They lift me up. They love me. They keep me sane.

These are my ladies... and I love 'em!

Monday, March 20, 2017

That Sleep Monster

watch out for that sleep monster...

It'll creep up on ya ANYWHERE!

I love that little homie didn't even fight it...

Just gave in where he was!

Sleep strong, Z-Dogg!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pushing 80

It's not even the first day of Spring yet... it's snowing crazy storms on the East coast...

But here in Colorado today...

It was pushing 80 degrees!

And we soaked it all in!

After church - this crew here spent almost the entire day outside!

Lunch on the porch...

Reliving ice bucket challenges and dumping ice water on each other...

Biking, skating, scootering, trail running (by Mommy)...

Mebbie even sunbathed on the driveway for a while!

There was ultimate Frisbee across the street in the park...

Some whiffle ball batting practice...

And goofiness in the streets as well!

This crew right here - if the weather is right (and even when it's not!) - outside is where you'll find 'em!

As much as we missed the heavy snows this year - and Lord knows we need some moisture out here - we're loving soaking in these early sunny, warm almost spring days!

Goofballs... today was one of my favorites yet!

Stay goofy!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mebbie In a Thing 15 Hat

Sometimes ya have a series of days that are kinda sucky... and the only thing that will make ya feel better is seeing Mebbie in a Dr. Seuss Thing #15 hat.

The last few days have been those days for me.

So here we are...

And there she is!

Can't stop smiling... I feel better already!

Thank you Thing #15!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Itty Bitty Baller

Basketball season has officially ended for this little man!

He may not have found his shot just yet - but he was a DRIBBLING MACHINE this year!

So tomorrow - we sleep in!

No crazy crack of dawn games!

Next up... soccer!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

He's a Wee Strong Little Man

These two here are ALWAYS up to something!

Tonight... it was building a leprechaun trap!

It was a bowl of Ethiopian Birr ("shiny to make him think it's gold!") underneath a box set on a ruler with a suitacse on it's back for extra weight because according to Meron:

"He's sooo strong! Last year he lifted the big bowl we used and got away!"
She's got a point...

There are also two strategically placed cameras to attempt to catch him in the act!

Good luck girls - I hope ya get to see him!

i just wanna know where the gold's at...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Am Meron... Hear Me Roar!

Recently - my super dope boss bought me this super dope shirt!

I mean - come on!

A lion with dreadlocks, a dope beard with skull beads and Ethiopian color beads in it who is also rocking some headphones...

Does it get more awesome?

Well - also recently - Meron commandeered it for sleeping in!

Truthfully - everything about that daddy dope lion fits her personality perfectly!

Meron - i am happy to share my lion shirt with ya!

Roar loudly, girl... roar LOUDLY!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When Trouble is Photogenic

Look man... that's the face of trouble right there!

I mean dude is stubborn, controlling, disrespectful, crazy...

You know... all the things I was too (and still am from time to time)!

But look at him... he's so stinking photogenic and cute!

And he knows it!

You try disciplining his goofy little butt when he flashes his smile and his big ole eyes at ya...

Z-Dogg... you're one cute little bugger and one crazy little bugger at the same time!

Ya know what though homie?

I love both parts of ya!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Keepers of my Heart

These two girls right here - complete with their sleepy "late basketball post-season party" eyes...


They own my heart!

Tonight - like she does every single night - Meron said:

"Can I get 5 minutes, daddy?"
What she means by that is can I come downstairs to their room and lay with her on her bed as she dozes off.

And far too often I have competing priorities in my head that compete with that nightly request.

She never gives up on me though... she ALWAYS asks.

And tonight I just knew it was exactly where He wanted me to go.

As we cozied up in her room - Mebbie said: "Daddy - I love when you come down here with us..."

And I swear to you I felt my heart smile.

I do not deserve the joy that comes from being the daddy to these two girls.

trust me when I say... I KNOW this.

But holy moly - am I thankful for the opportunity and privilege!

Girls - you bring me more joy than you'll probably ever know.

Daddy loves you!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lil' Mebski Love

Little Mebski Love (my stage nickname for Mebbie for years) came up the stairs dressed for church this morning looking OVER THE TOP adorable!

I said: "Girl - you can't come up here looking all adorable and not expect a photo session to break out - go assume the position!"

So out the front door we went!

I just love when Mebbie gets to get showered with praises and adoration!

She's the quintessential middle child - quiet as a mouse - and living in the shadow of possibly the largest personality that the world has ever known (see also: Meron).

So when I get a chance to shower joy and love on her - I run with it!

I must have told her 50x today how adorable she looked - and each time that smile spread further across her face as she said: "Thank you, daddy!"

And while she absolutely adores her big sister (and her big sister would tell ya how much she adores and needs Mebbie too) - I am loving watching this gorgeous little creation of the Lord come into her own.

Watching her blossom into who He made her to be is a true blessing and privilege.

She's quirky, she's wacky, she's creative, she's athletic, she's gorgeous and most of all - she is made in His image and anybody who knows her for more than 10 seconds knows who she is living for!

Daddy loves you Mebski Love!

Stay you, girl!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Never Not Crazy

"Daddy - hurry - take a picture and then close the door on me!"

This is what I spun around to see...

The girl is nutty almost all the time and keeps us all in stitches!

So I obliged... snapped the pic and shut the door!

Stay crazy Meron... FOREVER!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Three Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Three



That's the number of blog posts I have made on this crazy little spot we call home on the interwebs!

And that includes not missing a day since June 22, 2008.


I realized it when I was setting up for the blog tonight and thought "We need to celebrate that one!"

It's been an amazing ride with some amazing folks!

These guys are always so willing to get a picture or come up with something to post - it keeps it FUN!

I hope we are able to keep the pace up!

One of these days I hope to turn it into a book (or a hundred!) - but for now - we'll keep trusting that Google has our back!

Stay crazy Camp Hoffman - ya keep giving me easy content!

That's a whole lot of US!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Boy and His (Gifted) Toys...

Look at that massive line up of toys!

And ya see that smiling little man in the background?

Well - he's rocking a big, fat grin cuz some super generous friends saw it fit to gift him with all those little super heroes AND that Millennium Falcon!

I mean... holy generous Batman!

These guys are awesome!

And this guy right here is pretty STOKED!

He spent a good chunk of the night telling me how and when and where he was going to be playing with his new heroes!

And who WOULDN'T be pumped about this?!?

That's a solid stash of fun right there!

Little man even gave me one to take to work to "have fun on your desk, daddy!"

Yep - he is one happy little man tonight!

And one goofy one too!

To our super generous friends who did this... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You absolutely made a little super hero's day!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Even the Mundane Things

Tonight Laura headed out for dinner with a friend - and I got to pick up on solo goofball duty tonight.

It was all the "real fun" stuff too - you know:

  • pick 'em from Awana
  • get the teeth brushed
  • get the jammies on
  • herd 'em to bed
But in the midst of it all - I realized that even the mundane things with this crew of goofiness are a total blessing!

It's a joy and a privilege to be that guy that gets to help with all of that!

They're my smiling, happy, loving crew... even when it's past bedtime!

And I love them the most!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Still See You

I still see you over there, Mebbie.

Studying your bible verses for Awana.

Doing your homework with no fuss.

Reading books because you LIKE to!

Playing with your little brother and being a great friend and sister to him!

Cleaning up without being asked to.

Yeah... I still see you over there, Mebbie...

And I love you more today than I did yesterday!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Pause and Reflect

Every now and then I have to just hit the PAUSE button and take a look around me at the work the Lord has done.

It's pretty amazing how He can take things we see as hopeless and flip them for His good and His glory and fill them up with so much hope they are almost bursting!

This is one of the first pics we ever got of Z-Dogg.

Homie wasn't doing so hot at the time...

And then there's his paperwork.

I look at it and can't help but be slammed with the idea that families like mine are NOT His first plan. They're simply not.

And we get this.

This sadness, pain, suffering and hurt from which our family was born...

We get it...

But what families like ours represent - to me at least - is a beautiful showing of the inexplicable manner in which He is able to take the ashes and extract the beauty...

I can't really put it into words...

How it shouldn't be this way but I wouldn't have it any other way?

I know... it makes no sense.

But then... look at this!

Look at what He has done!

I hate that the world needs families like this - but I'm so incredibly thankful to be part of His temporary earthly resolution til He brings us all home!

He makes beautiful things...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

We Give You All The Glory...

Every year since we moved out to Colorado - we've had the privilege of attending the the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

It's a concert put on by Compassion that travels around the country with great artists who love the Lord and spreads the word about sponsoring kids across the globe.

And because I work at Compassion - we get employee entrance - which is awesome because I don't think we'd go otherwise! This thing sells out quick with lines starting to form early in the day

So once again - around 4:15 we found ourselves pulling in here getting ready to cruise in through the employee entrance and grab some seats!

Soon enough - a little pre-show entertainment was going with Derek Minor bringing the heat!

I absolutely LOVE this tradition with this best friend of mine!

(ignore the fuzzy inside-an-arena phone pictures)

There's not much better than looking to your left and seeing your wife doing the Family Force Five "Crank It Like a Chainsaw" dance!

And then there was this crazy duo - total troopers who stayed awake and kicking til almost 10:30 PM!

And this crazy sidekick of mine - bringing a tear to my eye when she stood up and danced with me while Steven Curtis Chapman sang "Cinderella"

There was sawdust in there - I swear!

And while all the sets were amazing - from Derek Minor to Jordan Feliz to Family Force Five to Rend Collective to Francesca Battistelli to Steven Curtis Chapman...

It was Phil Wickham's short set that did it in for me.

I didn't realize I knew as many of his songs as I do!

And his absolute adoration for the Lord was palpable.

As he ended out his set - he asked everybody to join him in an old hymn of "We give you all the glory..."

As we finished up - I looked down and he was gone - spotlight shining on just a mic stand and nothing else...

Talk about playing the background and giving the honor to HIM...

Man - I've attended a ton of concerts in my life.

Like... probably 20 Kid Rock shows alone!

But there is nothing comparable to an artist using the gifts and talents the Lord gave them to shine honor and glory upon Him and a whole arena of people praising along!

Not to mention - some 300+ kids got sponsored tonight!


Kudos to Compassion and kudos to all the artists out there on the road witht hem.

We give HIM all the glory!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Super Z

Z-Dogg went to a birthday party of a friend today - and scored the coolest party favor ever...

A customized cape!

Come on... who doesn't want to rock a cape??

It had him feeling like quite the Super Hero!

One that was more than willing to wade into flood waters to save you

(don't judge his too short pants... it's the new style!)

I absolutely love the logo!

We'll be digitizing that for Super Hero branding purposes!

Here's the deal...

Super Z is for the people.

He's here waiting and ready to help when you need him!

Just shine a Z in the sky (not Comic Sans - he'll laugh at you, not help you)... and he'll come running!

Who ya gonna call? Super Z!