Monday, December 31, 2018

And another one gone, and another one gone... another one bites the dust!

Man... we party HARD around here on New Years Eve... like outta control hard.


Honestly - we try to stay in - not become a statistic - and just chill out.

Truthfully - by 10:30 we were all kinda hunkered down on the couch fighting to stay awake!

But when that countdown for the ball drop started - this tired crew came back to life!

And we had the sparkling cider ready to go!

We toasted in the new year and said "Peace Out!" to another one gone...

2018 was... well... it was something else!

It was certainly no 2017 - but it had me feeling some sort of way!

It's behind us now - and we'll find time to reflect on the good and the bad - and mostly - the GOD we experienced over the last 365 days.

And we're looking forward to running into 2019 with optimism, joy and high expectations!

Happy New Year, everybody... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Straight Up Now Tell Me...

This girl done straight up went and straight up straightened her hair!

What, what, what?!?

I have been giving her a hard time cuz I absolutely LOVE her natural and curly hair...

But she was so excited about it that i had to give her some support!

I think it's only like the second time ever they have straightened it - cuz it takes her and Laura like 4 hours or something... NUTS!

We explained to her that we don't wanna damage it by doing this very often - and also the power that her natural, curly, gorgeous hair has in its natural state!

She totally gets it too... it was just a little something different for a few days.

And while she looks TOTALLY ADORABLE no matter what - I keep threatening to sneak in while she's sleeping and toss some water on her hair to spring it back to her curly state!


Meron... you glow from the soul-side-out no matter what your hair style is!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

We're Still Babies at Heart!

I was out running some errands with meron and Mebbie tonight - when we cut through the baby area at Target and they stopped to reminisce about what they used to call "Num Nums" when they were WAY younger...

We used to give these Puffs as a snack - and apparently these two LOVED them!

Somehow they convinced me to buy them each one in the name of "remembering our childhood" and Meron even threw in a little:

"Daddy - we're still both really babies at heart!"
While I am hating how fast time is flying as they grow up - it did my heart good to hear them talk about sweet memories they have with us from a long time ago!

Stay young at heart forever, girls!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Meron the Mad Scientist

I walked in the door after running tonight to find this girl chilling at the kitchen table looking like this!

For Christmas she got a "Make Your Own Bath Bombs" kit and she was full on digging in!

I mean... who on earth thought it was okay to let Meron play with Citric Acid?

But girl was INTO IT and she finally got her mixture to the right consistency and was able to set her bath bomb molds!

Now we wait 'em out and see how they work!

Between you and me - I ain't climbing into a tub fizzling with one of her concoctions in there!

But I am sure they are AWESOME!

Way to embrace your inner mad scientist, Meron!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Southern Cali Love

Our cousins out in Southern California hooked the goofballs up with some dope hoodies...

And they haven't really taken them off since they opened 'em!

We absolutely loved our time there and are already talking about our next trip - MORE TIME AT THE BEACH they all say!

We need to hook you guys up with some Colorado gear as well!

DISCLAIMER: Yes, Meron is almost asleep on her feet - but she was committed to the picture... that's how we roll!

Thanks so much for the hoodie love, cousins!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Loves To Sleep

Sure - she may have been feeling a bit run down and under the weather... but honestly - the shirt says it all because...

This Girl Loves To Sleep!

She can fall asleep at the drop of the dime and I love how she never, ever fights it!

And give her her homegirl Cider... and she is in Heaven!

Here's to feeling better, Meron!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Best Gifts Ever

As I am sure every parent would attest to - outside of His gift of grace, love and eternity - our kids are the best gift we could have ever received.

And it certainly stands true for me!

Sitting here this morning - staring at these three precious gifts from God - it's easy for me to feel overwhelmed because I certainly don't deserve this!

And then - they wanna give me their cards - which they are more excited about than ANY of their presents...

And it's darn near impossible for me to keep it together as I read their precious words...

Meron... my "daddy's girl" supreme - had me fighting tears as I read her precious words!

And then there was Mebbie - sweet, compassionate, empathetic Mebbie!

And FUNNY MEBBIE - as she turned her hat into a rainbow!

She had me feeling all sorts of ways!

And then Z-Dogg... a man of few words - but grabbing my heart with how long he spent drawing this for me!

I'm a blessed man - who certainly doesn't deserve this level of gifting at Christmas...

But I wouldn't trade them for ANY gift... no matter what!

I hope every mom and dad out there today was counting their blessings as they looked at their best gifts ever!

Merry Christmas, world!

Monday, December 24, 2018

All is calm.... All is bright...

Is it though? Really?

Man... I dunno about that...

Our culture keeps us GOING GOING GOING until we dang near drop!

I just told Laura tonight - "The real rest comes between Christmas and New Years..."

We DID manage to slow down and roll out as a family to church tonight... and I loved it.

I love when the kids get to come to big church with us and sing and hold burning candles!

And as a bonus - we sang "O Holy Night" - and that second verse gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Simply cannot sing it without crying - and standing next to my beautiful brown kids... well that just elevates the whole thing!

Equal parts righteous indignation and hope.

But as the night came to an end (for some of us) - it was nice to see the big jolly dude was getting taken care of!

"Dear Santa ~

I hope this is a good little treat and a quick break.

Love - the Hoffman Kids"
I love their joy and excitement!

And honestly... it's contagious!

Here's to wild mornings for everybody and lots of batteries when needed!

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

We Love This Time of Year!

I know of two little ladies whoa re super excited about Christmas!

We were driving today and Meron said:

"I love this time of year..."
Mebbie agreed and when I asked them why they said:
"Well - even if just for a little bit - everybody is happy and smiling and Jesus is getting talked about... it's the best time of year!"
Not to mention cookies, candy, treat after treat after treat... and oh yeah... there are some presents now and then too!

I'm with ya girls... it's a GREAT time of year!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

My Forever Crew

Good and bad...

Sickness and health...

Ups and downs...

This is my forever crew that I would walk through fire for!

Looking forward to a long and relaxing winter break with these goofballs!

Friday, December 21, 2018

He's Such a Light in So Many Ways

While we may not have hit the teacher lottery across the board this year (that's a different blog for a different time) - we couldn't be more encouraged by Z-Dogg's teacher!

From day one we have loved her... and she has loved Zechie with a fierceness that has helped him grow and even beat some bad behaviors early on!

Z-Dogg took her in a tiny Christmas gift to show her his appreciation for her - and somehow - during a half-day full of parties, movies, sugar and chaos... she managed to find the time to send home this incredibly kind, incredibly caring, incredibly loving and incredibly encouraging customized thank you note!

Thankful for teachers - like this one - who care - even through the hard stuff - and partner with our goofballs for their future and success!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Golden Girls

I know I am regularly posting about my ladies on here - and my main man Z-Dogg...

But tonight it's my other ladies (who ARE doggs) that are grabbing the spotlight!

These two ladies - our GOLDEN GIRLS - are such a deep, rooted part of the family round here!

And this lady here is ALL DADDYS GIRL... to the core!

She meets me right at the door every day after work and she keeps me smiling all the time (almost!)...

Ladies... we don't celebrate you gals enough - but please know this...

We love our Golden Girls!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do

Tonight was Meron's Honor Chorus Christmas show and I was stoked to get to go see our girl doing something she loves!

She's been getting up early every Tuesday and Thursday so she could be out the house about 45 minutes earlier than usual for before school practice... and she has stayed pretty dedicated to it!

Honestly - i wasn't sure what to expect... i had visions of the Southpark Christmas Show where Cartman goes rogue on "O Holy Night"

But I was SHOCKED... these guys were AMAZING!

Not that I didn't think they could do it... but again... Southpark Visions people!

Meron's joy was palpable up there... and after a pretty hard day for her - I was super glad to see it!

She even auditioned for a speaking part - landed it - and had to memorize her part to recite before one of their songs...


They finished out the show with a song that included elementary, middle school and high school chorus all together... and they killed it!

I love seeing this girl shine with her friends and leverage the skills and talents God has given her to bring joy to both her and those around her!

Way to go Meron... you were awesome!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Cookie Monsters

Whipping up some cookies for the teacher cookie walk thingie at school!

These are two of my very favorite cookie monsters for sure!

C is for cookie... that's good enough for me...

Monday, December 17, 2018

Had a Very Shiny Nose!

The laughter, happiness and joy on these faces says it all!

Three of the biggest and best gifts Laura and I have ever received!

Thank you, Jesus, for the blessing of these children!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Hoffman Globetrotters

With basketball being the big sport in our crib right now - and having an odd kind of mid 50s and sunny day here - we decided to hit the court for a little 2-on-3 Hoffman Family Hooping!

Love this sport - and it's bee a minute since I really played - but it was fun hooping it up with my favorite people ever!

Things got a little outta hand when the Rockettes decided to do their thing!

Z-Dogg's face summed it up perfectly!

Good times goofballs... good times!

We're playing basketball...!!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Granny and My Best Friend!

While wrapping up the "Granny and Them" series - I couldn't leave out a pic of her and Laura!

Laura has such strong and fond memories of life with her mom and a love for her that is inspiring - and it has been awesome watching them two of them grow and go serve together in Ethiopia over the last several years!

Thanks Granny, for pouring into and raising the absolute BEST best friend a guy could ever have!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Granny and Z-Dogg!

With all the love she's dishing out - you'd think Granny might be running low on it...

Think again, sucka!

Man - Granny has tons of love for this little dude... and he has the same for her.

The day she headed home - at bedtime - Z-Dogg said, "Man... I miss Granny already..."

Thanks Granny, for the way you love our little Z-Dogg! You're leaving a lasting impression!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Granny and Mebski Love!

Granny has had a special place in her heart reserved for Mebski Love ever since a picture of Mebbie in her transition home rocking a cute little dress inspired Granny to launch a sewing ministry serving those in need all over the world!

And Mebbie certainly loves her Granny... she was the one championing for "individual pictures with Granny!"

Thank you Granny for the extra special love you pour out on Mebbie! She certainly sees and feels it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Granny and the Meronator!

This little girl of ours (she'll ALWAYS be our "little girl") has been loving her Granny for as long as I can remember!

The minute she found out Granny was coming to visit - she started counting down the days and could not wait!

Thanks you Granny for the love you have given this little girl over the last decade and the love you continue to give her today!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Granny and the Goofballs!

That is one spoiled bunch of goofballs right there - who love their Granny very much!

And Good Lord... watch out - they are almost all as big as she is!

Thank you, Granny, for loving our crew the way you do!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Pass The Gas!

Granny came bearing a game this year... a game called:


Think "Hot Potato" but with a farting pair of mom jeans!

As the pants were passed - we hustled to get it out of our hands - and whoever it landed with got to grab a surprise prize bag!

We all ended up with a cool little Christmas guy or girl...

A santa, a snowman, an elf, a penguin and a reindeer...

All of which will drop a candy turd when pressed just right!

Oh yeah - we also scored awesome gift cards to a bunch of places!

We had a blast playing together - and who would have thought that Granny would be the one bringing the potty humor!

Thanks so much Granny for loving us and passing gas with us!