Monday, January 29, 2018

A Year of 'Fro Grow

Exactly one year a go today - while a single tear rolled down my cheek and splashed to the ground - I did this to poor Z-Dogg's cranium!

You can check it all out right here...

Real talk though... it needed a reboot.

We had let it get a WEE BIT outta control!

And now - 365 Days Later - here we are!

It's coming back in so fresh and so clean and we're loving it!

Next chore for daddy - find the right barber in this really, really, really white town that can hook Z-Dogg up with a dope little shadow fade so we don't end up with those outta control under-curls again!

We often miss the ATL - but situations like this REALLY make us miss it as I know we could find the right barber faster than you could say "Shadow Fade."

But we're trusting that the right dude is gonna present himself to us!

And until then - we'll keep brushing it, conditioning it, loving it and willing it to grow even longer... cuz what else do ya do to a head of hair that is screams "AWESOME" like that?

Looking extra, super dope, Z-Dogg!!

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