Thursday, January 11, 2018

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

Went downstairs tonight to hug on my goofballs with the heaviest kind of heart after hearing some of the childish, racist, slurring, disparaging remarks our wonderful Narcissist-in-Chief made today about countries like the one where they were born.

And since we don't sugarcoat anything - and we want these warriors to hear things in our house - not from kids on the playground or in the halls at school - we told them what this champ of a man had said.

They are 9 and 10... and with no prompts from us - they were appalled.

The Spirit in their hearts doesn't allow them to NOT be.

They have a better and stronger moral compass than the man some people put in office to lead us.

We prayed strong prayers for their country. We prayed for Haiti, El Salvador, Liberia and a whole slew of other countries that we LOVE.

These girls need to hear their daddy praying about their birthplace - and all kinds of places - with love and a heart for the land and the people there.

He-who-shall-not-be-named represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with this world.


And my crew will hear real, raw truths from their daddy every single time.

And while this dope little homie was already snoozing - I prayed over him too.

I will protect my family at any cost. You are either with us and you've said it... or you are against us and your silence shows it.

One idiot's sh*thole is another man's paradise.


Renate said...

Right on Tymm!

K said...

Totally agree! I am still processing so I haven't shared with my daughter (I should have though before she went to school) and will discuss tonight. There is so much beauty in the world...... I feel bad for those who can't see it.